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profile Kim Thörning location New Zealand - Wellington Time May 15, 2007 - 14:46:25
Our two remaining days in Sydney was spent on IMAX and a photo tour of the Opera house, the Rocks and the Harbor Bridge. The next day we went on one of those turbo tours and saw The Blue Mountains and the three sisters. I got to pet a koala and a few kangaroos and wallabies :)
We also stopped for a short while in the Olympic Park, it was huge! A cool thing there was big poles with the names of all the volunteers of the Olympic and Para olympic games back in 2000. There was 65000 of them and the games would never have been as good without them. Imagine paying salaries for 65000 people for over a month!
And yeah, the aussies seems to be under the impression that kiwis like Australia, I'm doing my best to let them know that is not so :)

We have finally arrived to Vietnam after one of my worst flights ever. The people who know me knows that I very easily get motion sickness...but up until now it has never happened on a plane.
Once in Vietnam we got a ride into town, to the backpacker's centre of HCMC. I think we got ripped off a bit on the ride but we're learning :)
A few things hit you when you get here, it's extremely hot and humid so Rickard must like it since it's very much like a sauna. There are scooters everywhere and people drive like crazy and most seems attached to the signal horn. There is no safety, no helmets on the scooter drivers or safety belts in the cars. It's also very smelly, food sometimes and sometimes other less pleasant odures.
I'll get back to you with more later on when I've spent a few days here. Right now I am just very very sleepy.

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