Cu Chi Tunnels
profile Kim Thörning location New Zealand - Wellington Time May 17, 2007 - 12:22:03
Today has been a long day but I've learned a few things. The population of this city is not 4.5 million but 10 million!
And if you want to come here to live there are 3 steps:
1 - Buy a scooter
2 - find a job
3 - find a flat

There are 3 million scooters and you can buy a new one for the nifty price of 400 us dollars. And oh yeah, there are 2 traffic casulties every day.

Today we started off early with a guided tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels but first we had a short stop at a temple which I don't remember the name of right now but it was very beautiful and traditional and we came in the middle of a ceremony and I felt very much like an intruder so I tried to tip toe my way around :)

The bus ride was somewhat like riding a crazy horse but I didn't feel any motion sickness at all, yay :)

The Cu Chi tunnels were quite cool, the tour started off with an old video which was quite american unfriendly and I imagine if there was american visitors they would have been quite offended. Before we got to the actual tunnels we got to see how they hid their ventilation systems and all sorts of different traps, let me tell you, I would not want to get stuck in those! I wish I could show you photos but the internet is so slow and I can't even see any usb ports on the computer I'm at right now.

We got the shooting range and I tried an AK and a machine gun. The ear protection thingies sucked so each shot really hurt my ears but it was so worth it :)

Then we finally got to the tunnels, the people who created them must have been very intelligent because they had systems for hiding their outlet smoke and ventilation. There was protection against gas attacks and flood attacks too. The tunnels were quite small and that stopped the big americans from getting too far down the tunnels and even if they did there were plenty of traps to stop them. I think the size of the tunnels were about 70cm x 50cm but today they have been made three times larger to fit fat tourists. Once down the tunnels it was hard to imagine how 16000 people could have lived down there, even though it was three times bigger it was quite crammed and so dark!
I was quite happy to be out again :)

Right now we're in an argument with out hotel who thinks we've only paid for one night when we've paid for two. Sigh...I will let you know how that one ends...

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Cissi L

Time 2007-05-17 17:58:14
location Sweden - Malmö
Sounds great, I just read the same story on Ricky's blog, but it is like reading two sides of the same story (which is also exactly what it is.. :-)


Henric R

Time 2007-05-18 11:25:48
location Sweden - Nybro
Hey! No fare! I want to shoot an Ak too.
I've fired: Mauser and huntingrifles, shotguns, K-pists (m/45 B, which was actually used by CIA in the Vietnam war), AK4s, AK5s, KSP 58 (heavy duty machinegun), Glock 19 (9mm pistol), and thown live handgrenades (but unfortunately I wansn't allowed too see the explosions, since the shrapnel might have taken my head off).

So Mp5 and AK-74 is basically what I have left on my list of weapons I want to try...


Kim T

Time 2007-05-19 11:11:52
location Thailand- Koh Samui
Muhaha Henric :P it was fun, but over way too quickly!

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