Temples and marbles
profile Kim Thörning location Vietnam - HCMC Time May 22, 2007 - 02:46:48
Yesterday was the day when I was going to sit down on a moped for the third time in my life...the previous two didn't end up very well. For 5 dollars each we got two scooters and headed off south to My Son and the temple ruins there. The Temple city was built in the 4th century and it was a center in the Champa kingdom which was very much inspired by Indian culture...Champa disappeared in the 17th century when it was absorbed by Vietnam.

The place is amazing as ruins so I can only imagine what it looked like when it was at it's peak. The buildings have really thick walls so the rooms within the buildings are very small.
Lots of the monuments there has been shipped off to various museums and the only proof it was ever there was a small sign with a text what was there and where it went.
Even though the buildings that were there were quite spectacular there would have been more to see if the American hadn't bombed the place in the war.
It was extremely hot when we were there and by the end of it I felt pretty close to passing out but some ice tea brought me back on my feet again :)

On our way back to Hoi An to go north to the Marble Mountains I got my bike up to 80 km/h when I stopped because it didn't feel safe but Rickard pushed his to a 100 km/h :)

We took a short break at our hotel with a dip in the pool and we soon realized we were quite sun burnt even though putting on sun screen, lets say I'm quite red today.
We moved on to the marble mountains and we were a bit unsure of how to get there and stopped to try and figure it out. A lady stopped and asked for the time and we asked her where it was. She said "not very far not very close" :) She probably knew we were lost tourist trying to find the marble mountains and showed us the way there and of course to her shop there. She was very nice though (of course) and took care of our bikes when we went up the mountain.

The marble mountain was beautiful with many caves and hidden Buddhas here and there.
The was also lots of beautiful monuments and statues. It was quite a walk up and we were followed by kids trying to guide us but we soon realized that they were playing the "please give us money for school" trick. They ruined the experience a little bit because they are very persistent.
Once up the mountain it was all worth it, the view over the marble town and the sun set. It was priceless and breath taking!

I got me a happy Buddha in nice black marble once we got back to the lady's shop and we took the bikes back to Hoi An. By now it was dark and kind of scary to drive because there were no lights and people here don't wear any reflectors. But we got back in one piece and rushed to the tailor for fitting and to pick up the shoes I ordered yesterday. They had to change my pants because of the curve I have at my lower back but otherwise it was all perfect. It's pretty cool how you can point at something in a magazine and they copy that straight off or they come up with their own designs, they sure know what they are doing!

I don't know if it's all the things to see or to do but both Rickard and I seem to forget to eat, we just don't get hungry...once back in our room we summarized what we had eaten during the 12 hours we were out for. The result was some fried rice for breakfast and a few crackers and cookies...we went out for some dinner and then it was sleepy time. It had been a long day but for all the things we saw and experienced, it was all worth it.

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Henric R

Time 2007-05-22 09:45:59
location Sweden - Nybro
For some reason, I always felt full when I was in India. I think it's the heat that causes it (or perhaps the constant drinking of water, because of the immense heat) that causes it.
But of course, it could also be the fact that they don't have "Mamma Scans"-meatballs with "lingonsylt" down there that puts you off.


Kim T

Time 2007-05-22 11:12:23
location Thailand- Koh Samui
Mmmm mamma scans, but to be honest, I like my own meatballs better :)

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