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profile Kim Thörning location Vietnam - HCMC Time May 25, 2007 - 12:44:10
After Hoi An we ended up in Nha Trang, a city which has one of the largest beaches in Vietnam. Our hotel was just a cross the street from the beach. After a week of tours and riding scooters we decided to take a break and just take it easy. 1½ day on the beach was all good and I got my self a very brutal massage, a few dips in the ocean and I ended up red, very red :)

I've come to the conclusion that I really like Vietnam, all but one thing, all the people trying to sell you things, it's not that they are trying to sell you something, it's the way they do it. You can sit in a restaurant enjoying a good dinner and all of a sudden there is a man there right next to you trying to sell something! Walking a long the street and you're constantly harrassed by street salesmen, people who want to rent you scooters, people inviting you to hotels, bars etc.

Right now we're in Da Lat which is located about 6 hours by bus from Nha Trang. The bus trip here was like a merry go round and I'm surprised I didn't throw up. There were other people on the bus who were in a much worse state than me :)
Da Lat is in the highlands so it's a bit cooler here and you don't get soaked as soon as you step outside your room. Right now we're in a hotel pretty close to a internet cafe which has wireless...need I say more? ;)

Today when we arrived we had a walk around the city and had some food.
Tomorrow we'll do a tour around Da Lat and then continue on down to the next stop, Mui Ne beach, before going back to Saigon.

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