Bro and Sis

Taken by Kim Thörninglocation Sweden - KalmarTimeNov 26, 2005 - 11:07:44

This is my kitties recovering after a bath, seem to have dried up nicely :)

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Rickard L

TimeNov 26, 2005 - 11:26:49
locationCentral Wellington - NZ
commentAw[link] are soo cute !

We havn't had a cat report for a while hint hint cissi


Cissi L

TimeDec 05, 2005 - 07:38:29
locationSweden - Malmö
commentHi.. yes.. since your site came up Rickard, I have to admit I have not been following properly along in Kims (sorry Kim). But, new pictures are actually on their way, Jesper is just editing for brightness since I took them without flash. A few weeks ago we got the nursing table for our baby (who will arrive shortly I hope...). Somehow, Kepp and Noni felt it to be their spot and are very fond of it. Sorry they will have to move over a bit when the baby comes...

Apart from that, yesterday we had a small party for Jespers birthday and there were four small children here. The kitties don't really like children, they are scared and move away. However, Kepp has made a progress and when Elina and Tim come over (Bjorn and Sofias children of 1 and 2,5) Kepp is actually sticking around only moving away when they get too close. Elina was allowed to pet him even, she is actually great at being careful with the animals. Tim has a slightly different approach, why they move away when he gets too close... But I am sure they will get used to the newcomer once it is here, it is very positive that they just move away and have not shown any sign of aggression or so. And since dad is a little bit allergic to cats, we had to really clean the apartment before the party. Jesper spent 45 mins vacuum cleaning the sofa.. :-)

And they are doing fine. They are very very social and like being where we are all the time. In some ways they remind more of dogs than cats (which I read somewhere about the Balinese). Eating a lot as well, but not gaining since they are running a lot as well. There is as invisible (not to them) sports court on the upstairs flight.

Oh well at least now there can be no complaining on the cat reporting :-) Kim, do I now hold the record for the longest comment? Oh and yes, I am on maternity leave. What else to do... :-)


Kim T

TimeDec 07, 2005 - 01:29:53
locationThailand- Koh Samui
commentHehe I think you've beaten Henric's short story :) Thanks for the cat report, I really miss them! Maybe the baby will arrive at the same day as the kitties did :) I don't remember when exactly, I think it was 9th...the date should be in the folder you got with all the cat stuff :)


koodjunkinsherw a

TimeJan 14, 2018 - 11:57:07
location2012 east 3rd ave stillwater Oklahoma United States 74075

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